Export playlists from google play music

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11 thoughts on “Export playlists from google play music

  1. Cam Ens says:

    Thanks for this. I gave it a try, but when I run the adb command (I ran without ./ as I got an error), I get an error saying Permission denied. Any ideas?

    • b says:

      I’ve updated the instructions with a couple of things that might work. if they don’t work, and you’re using a windows machine, you may additionally need to install USB drivers for your device. they should be available from the manufacturer.

      • Bob Dole says:

        I had this problem on Windows 7 with a rooted Motorola Droid RAZR, and what worked for me was the following:

        1) adb shell
        2) su
        3) cp /data/data/com.google.android.music/databases/music.db /mnt/sdcard-ext/music.poop
        4) exit

        Then, in Windows My Computer, navigate to your phone’s SD card, and copy over music.poop to your desktop.

        Then, rename music.poop to music.db, and you’re set to use sqliteman.

  2. eughud says:

    Thanks for this, it worked for me. Any idea how to get this playlist to import to iTunes?

    • b says:

      That’ll probably involve a couple things. The first thing is getting it into a format iTunes will import. One of the most common playlist formats is m3u, which I think iTunes will import. You’ll have to research how m3u files are formatted. This might help: http://superuser.com/q/88033/93066

      The trickier part is putting the paths of the files that correspond to each track into the playlist. You could probably write something in Python that might do the trick, but it would be a lot of work…

  3. shakrazam says:

    Hi there and thank you!
    Is there any way to copy the play list out of google play and transform it into a excel file? Or making a screenshot of the play list and transform it than into an excel with the help of an ocr program. Next step would be to have the assistance of an music data program, which reads the excel and scans your music lib for corrosponding files and their paths. In the end, that program could generate an m3u. Wouldnt that work?
    I mean it sounds a liitle bit detour, but once you know the scheme, it should go easyly and flowing.

    • b says:

      If you wanted to use this data for the purposes of scanning your filesystem with another tool, an Excel spreadsheet probably wouldn’t be the best format. Really what you would need to do first is find a tool that will scan your filesystem, and then see what kind of file format it expects.

      As far as converting the data into a specific format, there’s lots of information online on how to do that. You could use Python to convert the data pretty easily. While you’re at it, you could probably use Python to scan your filesystem and create the M3U file, in which case something as simple as a CSV or even sqlite3’s default format (one record per line, fields separated by |) would be fine. XML and JSON are also great formats for data, but that might be overkill in this situation.

      If you don’t know Python, it’s fairly easy to learn, especially if you have any programming experience:


  4. Jason Carr says:

    Beautiful. Been looking for this for ages. FYI, you don’t really have to use ADB or the developer tools; you can just browse to the music.db file with an Android file manager and email or Dropbox the file to yourself.

    • b says:

      That’s a great point. As an Android developer, I already had ADB installed, and generally prefer the command line, so this was my preferred method. But it’s probably not the best for everybody. I’ll try to update my instructions when I get a chance to reflect this. Thanks!

  5. a says:

    a kind of work around without root i suppose would be to create a last fm account, set scrobbling time to like a second, and then just flick through all the songs in the playlist. It would then list them at last fm, where you can copy the list. I use this great tool which scans your entire music library and then repairs the playlist links. Its called ‘list fix’ http://sourceforge.net/projects/listfix/

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