coming soon: memory-mapped db for OpenLDAP

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3 thoughts on “coming soon: memory-mapped db for OpenLDAP

  1. hyc says:

    The code has been available in git for a while now. It will also be in the upcoming OpenLDAP 2.4.27 release. You can check out my paper and presentation slides at the LDAPCon site

    • b says:

      thanks, Howard! you guys have made a really great piece of software with OpenLDAP. my only request: more benchmarks! the ones I listed are pretty old 🙂

  2. hyc says:

    More benchmarks are on the way. We have a new server arriving soon, will be re-testing everything to establish new baselines. the new box has 64 cores. I am expecting to find some bottlenecks in our code at first, and aim to eliminate them.

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