make free wifi/data calls on your android device

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11 thoughts on “make free wifi/data calls on your android device

  1. mae says:

    thanks alot for this. God bless you.

  2. Ayanna Cross says:

    this is great. Can we configure for incoming calls as well?

    • b says:

      Sure! When you first open the CSipSimple app, it will ask you to configure your Availability profile. You can also get to it by opening up the app and going to Menu –> Settings –> Easy Configuration. Make sure you choose either Always available or Available on WiFi; the other option (Only for outgoing) won’t let you receive incoming calls. You’ll probably also want to make sure the checkbox for Integrate with Android is checked. I think that allows wifi calls to work without explicitly having to open the CSipSimple app.

  3. erica says:

    didn’t work for me says error while registering- proxy authentication required but i put in all the information

    • b says:

      hmm, that’s odd. I just tried it again to make sure, and it all worked fine for me. what specific step are you having problems with? you are connected to the internet through either wifi or 3g/4g when doing this, right?

      you may want to delete the account you created by opening up CSipSimple –> Menu –> Accounts –> long press the account you created, and click Delete account. then try going through all the steps listed here again, making sure to do them exactly as posted.

  4. Jay says:

    Thanks Dude! I already was using Whistle app on my iPad & iPhone, but I had a spare Samsung Galaxy Phone that I wanted to install a calls over wifi type app like whistle & I did a search & found your wonderful blog post & I really appreciate it. This will save my minutes on my iPhone 4. Thanks again now I have a free Android wifi Phone. Oh & do you take donations because if so could you post a link & I will donate to you a little money so you can keep doing what you are doing. Thanks & have a pleasant week!

  5. Francis says:

    Dude, this is great! I have been using Whistlephone for more than a year now on my laptop. I was trying to use it with an ATA and my Android phone using the integrated SIP dialer of Gingerbread, but I am having a problem receiving calls. I tried your scheme today and it work alright! Thank you! My problem is solved.

  6. Andy says:

    I try to do as your instruction and it show whistle has registered with green indicator but the problem is I can not make a call. I just hear a short ring tone and nothing happen. Please advise.

    • b says:

      my guess is your network is having issues connecting to whistle phone. one suggestion on whistle phone’s site is to try a public wifi network. there are also some other suggestions on their help page, such as checking ports in your router and disabling SIP ALG. if none of that works, you might want to try asking on their discussion site. beyond that, I’m not sure there’s any help I can give you. hope that helps!

  7. rs says:

    I also followed all the steps and got registered but faced the same problem like Andy, i just hear 1 ring and it just cuts off. And when i call my whistle number, it just rings in my computer, but I get nothing in my android device.

  8. Sunnyguy says:

    Hey bud, thanks for great tips and tricks on your blog here. This has definitely helped me stay in touch with close family and friends!
    My outgoing is working just fine. However, when I’m receiving inbound calls, I slide to answer but it continues to ring on my phone until after 10-15 rings it misses the inbound call.

    Do you think you can help fix this? Thanks a lot!

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