Why I’m probably switching from Ubuntu, pt 3 (future)

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6 thoughts on “Why I’m probably switching from Ubuntu, pt 3 (future)

  1. You could go crunchbang? I think I posted a comment last time (Ill check to see what you said in a minute) you could also check out fedora again. Redhat is very good. The other thing you could try is get away from gnome. I always liked KDE but it wasn’t very stable until now perhaps a KDE UI Debian or Ubuntu. You can take a look at what KDE looks and feels like at my personal blog.


  2. b says:

    I’ll definitely have to check out crunchbang. I doubt I’ll go with Fedora again, but you never know. I also doubt I’ll switch to KDE. I used it in the past, and it always felt bulky and buggy, but perhaps that was more because I’ve only used it in Mandriva.

    thanks for the advice!

  3. emanon says:

    you might want to check out


    which points to linux mint, the debian based edition…

  4. b says:

    hmmm, mint debian edition sounds pretty cool, but if it’s less stable than regular mint, which is based on ubuntu, I’m not sure that’s too appealing, considering my main complaint with ubuntu right now is stability… but thanks for the heads up

  5. Jacmoe says:

    I just switched to Debian stable, after first using Ubuntu and then Linux Mint.
    Actually, I switched today. 🙂
    Linux Mint is a small bit better than Ubuntu IMO, but I just grew tired of it breaking my setup repeatedly.
    So now I am using Debian, and if you know your way around Ubuntu-ish distros, you should be right at home.
    Be your own Shuttleworth. 🙂
    I chose stable because I don’t like fixing my setup when I don’t want/need to.
    I can enable backports and build things myself if the Debian repositories doesn’t have what I need.
    I know exactly what I want, so it was a natural choice for me to pick the source (Debian) instead of relying on the choices of Canonical.
    Just take the plunge.
    I am not going back. 🙂

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