Why I’m probably switching from Ubuntu, pt 2 (present)

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2 thoughts on “Why I’m probably switching from Ubuntu, pt 2 (present)

  1. Hi I find it interesting that these are almost all things that were just changed. You can re-enable half of these problems. And the others have nothing to do with Ubuntu. Compiz controls workspaces in Ubuntu. install compizconfig settings manager and go to workspaces. I found draging windows to new works spaces annoying because I would be working on something I would move it over and the windows would flip to the next workspace.

    Thunderbird. Ok that has nothing to do with Ubuntu. Evolution while I hate it works much better.

    Ubuntu One isn’t finished yet. Check out dropbox. I can connect with your feelings toward it.

    Buttons on the left. I like it only because it puts the buttons closer to the menu. you can easily fix this. Ubuntu Tweak is a simple way of fixing it, and it provides you with a great base.

    Empathy vs. Pidgin? Install Pidgin uninstall Empathy.

    Rythmbox? Install Banshee. Banshee will replace it in 11.04 .

    I think I covered everything pretty well. Now will explain Unity.

    Unity is mostly in response to forward thinking. It is still under heavy development. Though you will be able to use the classic desktop as well. It may have had to do with gnome-shell as well. Gnome-Shell scares me more than Unity. Unity Desktop at least looks very usable. Especialy now that they have a nonfull screen menu.

    If you must move to another distro. Consider the following.

    Debian is a good choice. Crunchbang is a fantastic derivative of Debian as well. Based upon your blog theme I think you will like it.

    Fedora is a good place to start but you may be a little lost at first.

    One Last Note: Ubuntu will work for 90% of users. The other 10% will just fix there problems with it and get on with there life. Same goes with every other OS.

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